Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I search therefore I am ! -- I think. - Google vs Bing to win the mind of Siri

Digital Assistant's pondering the impact of competitive pressure
A long time without newpapers flying Sydney to Los Angeles.  A lot can happen in a day. Last night managed to read the usual hotel lobby papers down in El Segundo. Some articles caught my eye.

A striking thing - Apple's Siri [bless her cybo subtlety] will switch to Bing rather than Google. Is it really necessary ? Does it make the product [the iPhone] less effective using Bing for Siri rather than Google for Siri ?  Will this make Siri's personality different ? Will people want the old Google powered Siri pesonality back -- because I search therefore I am ?!?!?.

We are talking here about the 'search engine' for Siri to give answers on the fly.  I for one don't use Siri a lot but I know that the reason I might use Siri is 'her' ability to give answers quickly and accurately with a minimum of re-work on my part.  The fact that my accent makes re-work inevitable is taken for granted.  So the key value imbedded is the excellence of the search mechanism.  Is the Bing search engine better than Google ? Is Siri's 'personality' the reason people 'talk/command' her ?

We at Invensys Industrial Automation  often incorporate special purpose drivers and now 'semantic engines' into our long life embedded hardware products such as RTUs, Gateways, Controllers etc.  These drivers can often come from 3rd party providers who just provide what is required to get the job done and meet that part of the user requirements.  We have changed driver provider's in the past but only if it results in a 'better' product with better support and inherent design future. In general our partnership with our 3rd party driver provider's is for the long haul.  BUT.. we don't usually compete with them.

Here is a "TECH 2" press link about the change.. Apple Ditches Google Search Engine

Your comments or insights into this dilemma are welcome. When competition gets too tough what do you do ? How does competition influence long term design decisions ?

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